Our Functions and Features are so unique and comprehensive that we cannot explain in a simple webpage or PDF form. We want you to see these in action and you will see why no other program compares. We can show you today - click on the link and request a Live Demo?
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Built in Safeguards with Visible pop up and/or highlighted warnings that keep you informed and helps maintain an accurate and transparent Time and Materials bill.
Very Complex Overtime Function Offers More Overtime Rules than any other program and they are live which means they can be changed anytime with instant results.

Ability to Merge Multiple Files into one without the worry of duplication's. A tool that allows you the opportunity to delegate others to help input other categories and then merge it into one bill plus a lot more functions and features.
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Customize To Meet Requirements

Program can be set to and customized accordingly to meet the requirements and align to projects, client Requirements, RFP's. Multiple Price List is no problem with T&M Pro. We understand that every client and project can be different and with T&M Pro we have the solution to keep you fully aligned. With T&M Pro you have no limits to the number of price list that means you can customize any price to be specific to your national cat operations, client and project. Great feature to allow you to sell your services and then using the functions to create a price list to match.

The Project Auditor™

This is a very powerful function and gives you the ability to perform a complete and full audit with the click of the mouse. If a user makes an unauthorized change to the bill whether by changing a price, unit or a item description The Project Auditor will flag it and it also has the ability to correct it with just a click of the mouse. This is a completely protected system that you will not find on any other program but T&M Pro - All Versions

Modify Anytime - Live Results

Ability to recalculate after changing overtime, per diem, small tools etc. with a push of the button

Customize Bill and Reports

Ability to Brand the program with your company logo and Set up professional coversheets for each billable category

Unlimited Data Allocations

Ability to allocate to follow schedules, Policy requirements, task, Labor Company, Multiple Contractors, etc. makes pulling apart or combining data easy with Accurate Detailed Results. Ability to merge multiple bill files into one without the worry of merging duplications - allowing you to have several people inputting on the same project.

Multiple Export and Import Functions

To and from Microsoft Excel®. If your bill is being audited by a third party then you can give the auditor a clean value only copy of the entire bill in Microsoft Excel® with just a click of the mouse. Plus several other reporting options.

See Actual Bill Anytime

The ability to review the entire bill from within the program without having to print

Billing Detail Cover Sheets

Creates custom cover-sheets for billing presentations automatically with the click of the mouse

This is just a sample of many of the features and functions of what our Time and Materials software offers. That is why our programs are the choice of the nations top Restoration Firm professionals.

Setting Industry Standards Through Innovation and Development

G&E Enterprises is a custom software development company, with software focused towards the construction and property loss industries. Our products go above and beyond the requests from the field, our product development is executed based on personal experience as well. Having over 30 years in the property loss and construction industries, Greg Dillon has taken the time to tailor products to meet specific needs
often overlooked by most other companies.

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G&E Enterprises is excited to announce that we are working towards rolling out a fully featured online training course centered around Time and Material billing for Restoration, Mitigation, and Construction projects. We will be offering many different types of courses, that will allow you to work at your own pace, to ensure that the information is absorbed and can be used effectively within the field. If you would like to be notified as to when our online training platform becomes available, please submit your email address below.

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